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If you are eligible to use the scheme then you can claim the Dental Examination only once per calendar year.  You cannot claim it at one dental practice and then try to claim again with another later that year, as private fees will apply the second time.

You can claim either: a Scale and Polish OR a Protracted Periodontal Treatment in the same calendar year, and again, if you have used this benefit at one practice, a second claim will not be allowed at another.

If you do not use your benefits under the scheme in a calendar year, they are lost for that year.

You can only access the Protracted Periodontal Treatment item in order to use the scheme to see a dental hygienist at our practice if your Basic Periodontal Exam (BPE screening) shows scores of 3 or more. This means that if you do not have gum disease you  cannot claim the treatment item for this purpose and private fees will apply if you are seeing the hygienist.

If you are diagnosed with gum disease (periodontal disease) you should note that one visit with the dental hygienist is unlikely to be sufficient to treat your whole mouth and control the gum disease. Your dentist and dental hygienist will work with you to decide on the most appropriate treatment plan for you.  Please note that we give discounts on the listed Periodontal Treatment fees where multiple appointments are required for the treatment phase of treating gum disease, again your dentist and dental hygienist will advise.



Yes our receptionists will do this online for you on the Welfare Partners Website in advance of your appointment.  In line with the roll out of the Scale and Polish/Protracted Periodontal Treatment on October 28th 2017, we registered for Welfare Partners, which means that we can check now your eligibility online, once you give us your consent to do so, and provide your PPSN to us.  If you are booking with us over the phone we will record your verbal consent in your chart, and when you attend for your appointment we will ask you to sign the consent form.

It can take some time for the Welfare Partners site to process the information and return a result, which means that if your eligibility is not confirmed to us prior to your appointment, we will be obliged to charge you full private fees on the day of your appointment.  This can be due to the volume of checks being processed by the site at the time, or it can be that your eligibility requires further checks by a Welfare Administrator.

We cannot currently check for spousal entitlement on the Welfare Partner’s site as this requires the relevant spouses signed consent to allow the DSP to check for you, however we hope this will change soon so the process can be more efficient.

Anyone who fulfils the Department of Social Protection’s criteria in terms of PRSI contributions made.  As of March 27th 2017 the scheme was extended to cover the Self Employed who have paid sufficient contributions and their dependant spouses . This means that the vast majority of persons are likely to be eligible.  If you are not sure you can contact the Department of Social Protection on 074 91 64480, LoCall: 1890 400 400, and www.welfare.ie

No, unfortunately not.  These benefits are available per calendar (Jan-Dec) year, and if you don’t use your entitlements for that year they do not roll over into the following year.  This is particularly important if you normally attend for your Dental Health Check (Examination) toward the end of the year, as the temptation may be to put off your appointment until after Christmas.  Doing this means that you will miss out on that year’s benefit, which you have paid for through your PRSI, and no doubt worked very hard for.

As of 28th October 2017 the PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme has been extended from an annual Dental Examination, to include a part subsidised Scale and Polish at a capped cost of €15.00 to the person claiming, OR if the person claiming has gum disease, to a part subsidised “Protracted Periodontal Treatment” appointment for which the person claiming will be responsible for the balance of private fees.  To see our fees for Periodontal Treatment please click here.   Please note that you cannot claim a Scale and Polish and Protracted Periodontal Treatment in the same year