Private Fees


Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan                                                           € 40

Examination, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan and Scale & Polish                                   € 80

Consultation (+/- Prescription)                                                                                 € 40


Small (Intra Oral)                                                                                                  € 10

€5 for each subsequent x-ray

Large (OPG)                                                                                                         € 60


Hygienist – per quadrant visit (approx. 30 minutes)                                                   € 65

(Discount available if multiple visits required)


White Filling on Incisors or Canines:                                                                         € 70 – 120

White Filling on Premolars and Molars:                                                                  € 80 – 150

Aesthetic Composite (White) Build up/Tip                                                                 € 120 – 180

Silver Filling                                                                                                         € 60 – 110

Fissure Sealant                                                                                                   € 40

(Discount may apply if multiples placed at same appointment)


Routine Extraction                                                                                                 € 80 – 100

Surgical Extraction                                                                                                 € 150

Orthodontic Extraction (med 2)                                                                                € 80


Partial Acrylic-based Denture                                                                                  € 400-500

Full Upper or Lower Acrylic-based Denture                                                              € 500

F/F Acrylic-based Dentures                                                                                     € 900

Metal-based Denture /Chrome Denture (per arch)                                                     € 950


(Depending on number of canals and number of visits)                                              € 350 – 600

Pulpotomy (depending on time)                                                                                € 80-100

Pulpectomy                                                                                                           € 80-100


Core / Post Preparation                                                                                           € 100

Crown (depending on material required)                                                                    € 650 – 750

*All prices are subject to change and are a guide only. Exact quotations can only be given following dental examination.

PRSI covers: 

  • One FREE Dental Examination per calendar year,
  • Scale & Polish with the Dentist: €15.00 (closed grant-in-aid),1,2
  • Protracted Periodontal (Gum Disease)Treatment 30 minute appointment with the Dental Hygienist: €23.00 (open grant-in-aid).2,3

Full Medical Card4 covers:

  • One annual Dental Examination,
  • Standard tooth extractions,
  • 2 fillings per calendar year,5
  • Dentures, root fillings etc subject to prior approval from HSE.

Please note the PRSI Dental Benefit and Medical Card Scheme are subject to eligibility which must be confirmed prior to your appointment or private fee rates will apply on the day.

If you have used your PRSI or Medical Card to access dental treatment at another dental practice in the same calendar year you will not be covered and private fees will apply.

Do not assume you are covered, please contact us well in advance of your appointment so we may check your eligibility.

1Scale and Polish provided at the time of the Dental Examination or when attending for other dental treatment.
2Protracted Periodontal Treatment may not be claimed if Scale and Polish is claimed with the Dentist and vice versa.
3Treatment of Gum Disease may require 4 or more appointments, PRSI contributes toward one 30 appointment only, full private price per 30 minute appointment applies thereafter.
4Doctor visit only card does not cover dental treatment.
5Provided the teeth have not been filled in the past 5 years.

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