Introducing the Galway implant centre at Abbeytrinity Dental Practice.

Implants : Modern dental implants have been in use since the 1970’s. Since then they have been continually improved to the point where they are now considered the gold standard for the replacement of missing teeth.

The alternative tooth replacement solutions are either a removable denture or a tooth retained bridge. While there are still times when we may choose one of these options, they both have their drawbacks. A denture makes it more difficult to keep the remaining teeth clean, which invariably results in the premature loss of other teeth, and it also has a very significant negative effect on most patient’s quality of life. A tooth retained bridge usually involved the destruction of a significant amount of the neighboring teeth which also invariably will lead to the premature loss of these teeth.

Dental implants from Abbeytrinity Dental Tuam

At Abbeytrinity dental practice we are continually training ourselves and investing in the most modern technology in order to provide the best possible implant service to our patients. Dentistry is changing and it is doing so at an extremely fast pace. This is true for implant dentistry and CAD-CAM (computer aided design-computer aided manufacture) dentistry. It is especially true at the interface where implant dentistry and CAD-CAM technology meet.

CT (computed tomography) scans can be used to provide a 3 dimensional image of the teeth and the bony structures of the mouth. Previously dentists, had for the most part, to rely on 2 dimensional x-ray images when planning dental implant placement. Without a 3D knowledge of the shape of the bone at the intended implant site a dentist cannot know in advance whether an implant can actually be placed or if bone grafting procedures also need to be performed until the time of surgery. We are one of the few practices in the west of Ireland who have the facility to provide CT scans for our patients. Our Sirona XG3D CT scanner is a state of the art machine and it has a number of advantages over other older machines, including lower radiation exposure and higher resolution images.

We also have a Sirona omnicam intraoral scanner which can be used to make a full color virtual 3D model of our patient’s teeth and gums. We can use this model to design the desired final tooth even before an implant is placed. This is a huge advantage when planning implant placement. It allows us and our patient to visualize the final outcome of the implant retained tooth even before the implant is placed.

We believe we are unique in Ireland as we are the only practice that has both of these technologies. Having both is a huge benefit to our patients. The 3D model provided by our CT scanner (of the patients teeth and available bone) and the 3D model provided by our intraoral scanner (of the patients teeth, gums and the desired new tooth) can be meshed together. This allow us to plan the placement of the implant in the absolutely ideal position to maximize the aesthetic and functional outcome of the implant retained tooth. Prosthetics driven implantology where the appearance and functionality of the final tooth determines the positioning of the implant is at the cutting edge of modern implantology.

Once the optimal implant position is planned we may choose to make a radiographic surgical guide. This guide allow is to perform what is the called guided implant surgery. Guided surgery has a number of advantages over traditional or freehand implant placement. It ensures the implant is placed in exactly the correct position thus avoiding problems associated with incorrectly positioned implants. It also means the actual implant placement is a simpler, faster and less intrusive surgical procedure for our patients. 

Dental implants from Abbeytrinity Dental in Tuam County Galway

Our patients, and indeed the patients of a number of other practices, have been enjoying the benefits of our onsite laboratory for a number of years. This facility has a number of advantages specifically relating to dental implants. It allows us to place and restore dental implants in the same day, sometimes even on the day the tooth was extracted. While this is not always the ideal treatment it can be life changing in the correct circumstance. There are times when we will do this for an individual tooth. On other occasions when a patient’s teeth are in an extremely bad state we may remove all their remaining teeth, place dental implants and restore the teeth with the aid of our on-site dental laboratory all in the space of a few hours. Click here to find out more about Teeth in a day

 At Abbeytrinity dental practice we provide all solutions for the replacement of missing teeth and therefore we do not have a bias in providing one solution over another. If implants are the best solution for you our technology and skills mean we are in the best positioned to provide your treatment. If dentures or bridges are the best solution for you our onsite laboratory mean we are also best positioned to provide your treatment. 

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