Root Canal Treatments

A root canal treatment can be an alternative to extracting a tooth when a tooth is badly damaged. It is required when the tooth nerve becomes irreversibly damaged or has died.

The inside of a tooth has a space which in a healthy tooth contains a nerve and a blood supply.  If the nerve is badly damaged it needs to be removed to stop pain. In a situation where the nerve is dead or has been removed already we are left we a dead space inside the tooth. Your body cannot clean this space, because along with the nerve, the blood supply has been lost and as a result bacteria gain access to this space and can multiply leading to an abscess.

In a root treatment any nerve fibres which may be causing pain are removed. The inside of the tooth is then sterilized and shaped so that inside of the tooth can be filled up, removing the dead space where bacteria can flourish.

At Abbeytrinity dental practice your root canal treatment will be performed with the most modern techniques and technology. Alone with a microscope we use nickel titanium rotary endodontic files, apex locator and digital radiography to provide the best possible treatment

Root Canal Treatments from Abbeytrinity Dental Galway Road Tuam

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